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Pure beeswax skep beehive melts

Pure Yorkshire beeswax melts - set of 2 skeps (beehives)

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This set of handmade 100% pure beeswax melts contains 2 skeps (straw beehives) which come in a paper bag.

These are made using our own wax from our small-scale hives in York, North Yorkshire.

One skep is approximately 40mm x 42mm (measured across the largest part).

As these are handmade and completely natural, our melts can vary in colour and may have small imperfections. We filter our beeswax twice but small pieces of pollen may still be present.

Burning beeswax is said to improve and purify air quality as well as benefit those with asthma and environmental sensitivities. 

Not only that, but these smell beautiful due to the natural aroma of honey and floral nectar. These are pure beeswax with nothing added, therefore the smell is subtle (but amazing!)


How to use

These are designed for using in a wax melt burner.


Warning information

Always burn within sight and keep away from drafts and vibrations. Keep out of reach of pets and children.

Always place burners on a heatproof surface when in use and never burn on or near anything that could catch fire.

Do not overfill burners (and never add water) and only use with an unscented tea light. Do not leave lit candle unattended.

Do not use burner if cracked or damaged.

Burners can get extremely hot. Do not touch or move your burner until completely cooled down.


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